equipmentFrequently Asked Questions

Why do you work as a team?

Because two is better than one. All kidding aside, for smaller events, they do work solo; but for the most part they go as a team for equipment set up and having a back up person. This ensures one person is dedicated to the music and one is dedicated to being an MC, taking requests and interacting with the crowd.


Is there a reduced price if the venue provides sound equipment?

Our price remains the same if sound equipment is provided or not by the venue. We still bring our equipment (mixer, laptops, microphones) minus the speakers if sound equipment is provided.


Do you charge a different price for weeknights and weekends?

Absolutely. Our busiest night is Saturday. We offer discounted rates for Fridays and even further discounts for weekday and Sunday functions.


Do you take requests?

Most definitely. With a library of over 12,000 titles, we can take requests before your event and even during your event.


Are you licensed?

We are licensed through AVLA and also carry two million in insurance.


Do you put up any signage?

Absolutely not. We think promoting ourselves at YOUR event is tacky. It makes us cringe to walk into a beautiful venue only to see a big sign advertising a vendor. All of our bookings are from referrals. If someone comes up to us and asks us for a business card, we will certainly provide them one; but that is as far as it goes in terms of us promoting our company at your party. It is your event and we want to keep it that way.


What can we expect when we book with you?

You can expect that we are easy to do business with. We answer all of your questions promptly and truly cater what we do based on what you want.

When you are ready to book, you send us your contract with deposit and we confirm your date is secured. Approximately two weeks before your event, our assistant Michelle will connect with you to review your agenda and go through any logistical details. On the day of your function, we will arrive one hour before your guests do to set up and do a sound check. From there, we ensure that you and your guests have a great time and enjoy the music.